Друзья, форуму нужна материальная поддержка. Кто сколько сможет на оплату хостинга. По вопросам перевода средств обращаться к Klick . Спасибо! 


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  1. Fantasy basketball projections

    Hi All, Our team at fb-ninja.com is joining in the fun of looking into our crystal ball in order to predict player stats and rankings for the upcoming season. You can find them here: http://www.fb-ninja.com/Ranking/?projections=1 As always - for some players we are much more conservative than our esteemed colleagues, while for others it was hard not to go overboard. So have fun with our projections, criticize as much as you can and we'll keep updating them based on new data being made available. Cheers,
  2. fb-ninja fantasy basketball analitycs site

    Hey guys, we know it's early, but we have decided to release 30 Team Previews in 30 days so you hardcore's can get a jump start on the season. Be sure to check us out everyday until the first exhibition tips off with SAC v. GSW on Oct 6th http://www.fb-ninja.com/Teams/ Enjoy!
  3. Альт-1. Сезон 2015-16

    Извините, если я нарушу правила форума . Я просто хотел сообщить вам, что на нашем сайте мы добавили ниндзя FB первый аналитические инструменты для H2H . Добро пожаловать . Еще раз , я прошу прощения , если сообщение не помещается .
  4. Hi, sorry if i made post in inproper place - please remove then to proper place. We are europe startup with free fantasy basketball rankings, trade analyzer etc with some world class unique tools for yahoo/roto. This year we will add tools for H2H and connect with espn. I hope you will enjoy it. Best Regards Bartek